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Nibiru is an adventure game developed by Future Games
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Future Games

Nibiru is an adventure game developed by Future Games.
You probably know the existence of a planet called Nibiru. Surely you also know that this planet is the number twelve in the solar system. What you probably do not know is that according to ancient Sumerian people, our planet formed part of Niburu.
In this game Nibiru and the Mayan culture are related. You have to discover how.

You are Martin Holan a Bohemian archaeology and linguistic student, but you are studying in France. Your uncle is an university professor with great prestige and he called you because there was a discovering in Bohemia and he wants you to take a look. In Bohemia you are going to meet a friend of your uncle that will allow you to access the tunnel. You must analyse the secrets stored in this tunnel since the time of the Nazis. To get more tails you should resolve some puzzles and you must take note of the talks with the other characters in the game, this certainly will help you to solve the mystery.

Sound and graphics
The sound effects are good but the graphics are not so good, the characters are Robocop-like, very stiff, and without mobility.

María Noel Balla
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  • Excellent story and great sound effects


  • Not so good graphic section
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